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Creating Technology

secondary processing technology - Press molding -

In addition to "Painting" "Laminating" technologies, we have "Creating" technology. One is "Molding" technology. We add a new value by molding the laminated materials made by "Painting" "Laminating" technologies. With this technology we are producing the containers for foods, and the others.

Because we use the aluminum foil which does not penetrate oxygen and light for the laminated materials of containers and lids, the product created by our molding technology can prevent various deterioration such as the oxidation, drying and the corrosion of the contents.
In case of food, it can be preserved for a long term (more than one year) because our containers can be given the heated pressurization sterilization (retort) processing after filling contents.

Development technology

We always respond to our customer needs by fusing "Paint","Laminate","Create" technologies with technologies of organic , polymers , inorganic , and metal.

The characteristics that is feasible by SPA packaging materials.

  • Formability: By bonding a metal foil and plastic film, various molding can be enabled for much larger growth than the single metal foil.
  • Barrier property: High performance and durability of gas and moisture barrier can be obtained by combining a metal foil, barrier film, and function adhesive.
  • Harmless/No dust: we develop safe packaging materials by making full use of materials choice (material acquisition FDA) for food, the processing in the clean room, and the technology analysis and evaluation.
  • Conductive / heat-resistant / deoxidation / seal-related : we develop the packages which can make use of the characteristic of each material.