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Laminating Technology

This is the technology that create a new function laminated material by bonding materials, which have different properties such as plastic film and aluminum foil, with adhesive or resin.

We have two "lamination" technique.
One is called "dry lamination" , uses the adhesive which diluted with organic solvent to laminate materials. Because we dry organic solvent and vaporize it through lamination process, it is called "dry lamination".
The other is called "extrusion lamination", which laminates two materials by extruding molten resin. It is also called "sandwich lamination".

Dry lamination

  • The possible width of processing for aluminum foil and PET, PP, nylon etc is to 1200mm
  • The possible thickness of processing for aluminum foil is from 7 μ to 150 μ

Dry Laminator schematic viewDry Laminator schematic view

Configuration example

  • ON / aluminum foil / CPP
  • PET / aluminum foil / CPP
  • CPP / aluminum foil / CPP

Extruded lamination

  • The possible width of lamination processing for single and tandem extrusion with PE and PP resin is to 1200mm.
  • If it becomes filmy when it is melted, the resin can be used as the molten resin for the extrusion lamination.

Extruded laminator schematic viewExtruded laminator schematic view

Configuration example

  • PET / aluminum foil / AC / PE / hot melt resin (extruded coat)
  • PET / aluminum foil / AC / PE / sealant film (extruded laminate)
  • PET / VMPET / AC / PE / sealant film
  • SiPET / Ny / AC / PE / LLDPE