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1949.12 Tokyo dampproofing industry was established in Ota-ku, Tokyo(Our founding)
1959.10 Company is reorganized and changed to Company named "Tokyo dampproofing foil, Co., Ltd."(Established our company)
1972.10 By 100% financing of Showa Aluminum Company, "Tokyo moisture-proof foil" became "Showa Laminating Industry Co., Ltd." and moved to Isehara, Kanagawa.
1990.12 Taisei Polymer Co., Ltd. merged with Hinode Kogyo Co., Ltd. and established Heisei Polymer Co.,Ltd.
1992.4 Heisei Polymer Co., Ltd.'s Sakai Plant is moved to Nara Plant
2001.3 Showa Aluminum Company merged with Showa Denko K.K. and became Showa Denko K.K.
2001.10 Showa Denko unified "Showa Laminating Industry Co.,Ltd." and two sections* of Showa Denko group below, then established Showa Denko Packaging Co.,Ltd.".
*converting foil division of Showa Denko
*laminate division of Heisei Polymer
2003.8 Nara Plant, Sakai Plant are gathered to Hikone Plant
2021.6 Tokyo Branch is moved to Isehara Head Office